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Providing Solutions for Residential & Commercial Customers.


We take pride in being able to offer the latest in Technology for your Home or Commercial Application. We offer a design and installation service and our Customer Care Team will lead you through the process whether your project is in planning stage or fully established. Our Showroom is not open to the General Public so for a personal consultation please contact one of our friendly and helpful staff.


Home Technology.
Home Theatre: Imagine movies on your big screen with big sound to match.
Home Audio: Imagine your favourite music piped throughout your home, inside and out.
Home Security: Imagine being able to monitor your home from your phone.
Home Door Phones: Imagine letting your family and friends in without going to the door.
Smart Wiring.



Home Hub: Imagine all your Telephone, Data and TV needs in one box, ready for your Fibre to the Home Connection.
Home Data Networks: Imagine the Internet available in every room as well as the outdoor entertaining areas.
Home Intergration:  Imagine your blinds closing at the touch of a button
Commercial Technology
Project Management ; Imagine having your project well designed, delivered on time and on budget
Data Networks: Imagine a well designed, tested and labelled Network in your Business.


Communications: Imagine providing capacity that meets todays needs as well as into the future



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