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Fibre Networks

Providing Solutions for All Fibre Networks



As Fibre To the Home Specialists, this is our arena to shine! We take pride in providing our Builder Partners with structured cabling packages for Fibre Optic Estates. Our Technicians are all ACA licensed and experienced with the structured cabling specifications and installation requirements of all the leading Fibe Optic Providers. On all  Estates we provide our Builder's Clients with excellent end to end service with information on 'How to Get Connected' and 'How to Use The Enclosure'.


Overview : The Opticomm Fibre carries all your Telephone, Internet, Free to Air TV and on most Estates even your Pay TV Service.
Getting Connected: Follow the Steps
Step 1: Have your Builder fill out Opticomm Checklist
Step 2: Call 1300137600 or go online at and complete application. 


Step 3: Choose a Retail Service Provider
for your Internet and Telephone. 



Overview: The NBN Fibre only carries Telephone and Internet so you will still need an antenna for Free to Air TV and a dish for Pay TV.
Getting Connected: Choose a Retail Service Provider for Internet and Telephone and they will organise a visit by the NBN at a suitable time.
More Info: Visit or your Service Providers Website
Is This Your Package?
B & R Enclosure: Australian Made and approved for use on all Fibre Networks. 
All Fibre Equipment can be mounted inside.
Equipment Included: All Packages include Internal Conduit, Telephone Panel, Data Panel, TV Splitter, 8 Port Data Switch, Patch Leads and connection to Fibre Equipment. All Tested and Labelled.
Information: Record Sheet, TCA1, How to Use, Getting Connected and After Sales Service included. 



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