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Fibre to the Home Specialists



With a combined 50 years of experience in the Telecommunications Industry, our Specialists provide cabling solutions for residential and commercial buildings to be ready for connection to a Fibre Network.


Bayside Technologies are proud to be the only  Victorian Installers for Opticomm Fibre Communities and can assist in all areas from design to final connection. From this unique position in the industry we see a connection to an Optical Fibre Network  from three distinct points of view. 



The Builder: We partner with Builders to ensure their customers have all the equipment ready for connection to a Fibre Network.


The Customer: We ensure all the paperwork and instructions are included in our packages to make the connection to a Fibre Network  as easy as possible.


The  Carrier: We understand the requirements of the Carrier and ensure all our Installations meet these needs to enable a successful connection.





Technology Solutions for the Home and Business

How to Connect and Packages for Builders

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